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 Profile of Colorful Cultural Association

The Colorful Cultural Association is a registered non-profit agency in Canada.  It was established in 2011. For seven years it offered various dance and vocal classes to lovers of dancing and singing from Toronto and surrounding areas. The Member of the Center have been seen at many large events in Toronto. They attended the Chinese Spring Festival Gala held in Sony Center in Toronto , the annual Chinese New Year show launched by Federation of Chinese Associations of Toronto for many times, the Canada Day parade organized by Chinese Federation of Canada, the evening shows hosted by the Federation of Chinese Organizations. They also contributed to activities of several other communities and Social Groups.

The Colorful Cultural Association purpose of the organization is to enrich the leisure life of Chinese people in Canada, brighten their life through dance and vocal arts. At the same time it carries forward the Chinese culture, enhances the communication with all other ethnic groups and promotes the multicultural exchange.

Should you need more information or talk about shows and events, please contact Esther Hao at 416 823-2003