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 Profile of Colorful Cultural Association


Colorful Cultural Association is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our community . Our mission is to improve the quality of life of seniors and women who come to Canada hoping to integrate into the community smoothly. Colorful Cultural Association provides activities to connect, inspire and involve seniors and women in our community, help seniors and women who are in need and  attract young people in volunteering. Moreover, we offer a platform for people who share chinese culture and heritage and invite people who are interested in chinese culture to join in our activities. Over years, Colorful Cultural Association has earned a outstanding reputation for helping people involve connect, inspiring them stay healthy physically and mentally, delivering artistic performance galas to entertain people in our community.

Colorful Cultural Association, formerly called by Pingju Club, was founded by several warmhearted volunteers in 2018. We have over 200 active members, mostly are seniors over 60 year old. We offer various activities to accommodate our members' needs. We have a singing group, senior dance group, social chatting group, co-support group, etc. Over the past two years, Colorful Cultural Association has been actively engaging in our community.We visited and entertained  seniors in local long-term care centers regularly, we have organized many events throughout the year.



We have been invited to participate in multicultural events such as Nation day celebration parades and multicultural celebration festivals due to our reputation on artistic performance and the important role in our community.

 During this pandemic time, we try our best to keep our members and local seniors connected and involved