Terms and Policies

The Member’s Rights:

  1. Receive special prices for various activities (fitness dance class, piano class, vocal class, make up, seminars, birthday parties and holiday parties etc.);
  2. Watch all the videos for the dances you have learned for free;
  3. Listen to and download the music for the dances you have learned for free;
  4. Have the right to download photos and videos for all the events;
  5. Members can promote your company's business on this website with appropriate fees paid.

The Member’s Responsibilities:

  1. At the time of becoming a member a onetime membership fee of $48 needs to be paid within the month. If it’s less than half a year, a half year membership fee will be paid ($24 for half a year). Afterwards the annual membership fee will be $10. If you do not pay the current membership dues for more than 3 months, you will no longer enjoy the rights of the members.
  2. Respect the copyright. Dance videos created by the teacher may not be copied and uploaded to other non-members without permission. Photos may not be forwarded to other non-members without the permission of the parties.
  3. Members should actively support the activities organized by the Pingju Dance Family and contribute suggestions. Promote the team to be more cohesive, more dynamic and develop faster.
  4. To maintain the harmony of the Pingju Dance Family, members should communicate friendly with each other, care for each other, and build a big and warm family. It should truly reflects the spirit that we meet by chance and gather together solely in harmony.