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2021.06.07 08:36:27

 Colorful Cultural Association held a public lecture about "Language and Art of Recitation" on June 5th from 3: 00 to 4: 30 pm. We invited Mr. Yuan Gao as the speaker. Mr. Gao is a broadcasting recitation artist, vocal language art educator,  a member of the expert group of China Radio and Television System Title Review Committee. He is also a professor of vocal language art in university. After coming to Canada, he founded the Gao Yuan vocal Language Arts Center and served as the president of Canadian Chinese Language Arts Association . In the lecture, Mr. Gao took the poem "Love of Life" as an example, from sound, language and artistic expression and other aspects from shallow to deep analysis how to recite this poem. More than 50 people participated in the lecture, there is a session which participants recite and Mr. Gao conducts on-site guidance. There is also a Q&A Session, the atmosphere is relaxed and warm and orderly. After the meeting, everyone felt that it was another successful and meaningful activity held by the Colorful Culture Association during the epidemic.