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  • PUBLIC LECTURE2021.05.16
    Colorful Cultural Association held a public lecture on May 8th from 3: 00-4: 30pm. We have invited Shirley Xue as our keynote speaker. Shirley is the founder of Pearl Health Centre in Canada. She graduated from Shanxi University Of Chinese Medicine. She has more than 30 years of medical experience in China and Canada. She is a registered TCM practitioner and acupuncturist in Ontario. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, she talked about the human body's meridian knowledge and how to improve the body's immunity in this epidemic situation. Nearly 50 people attended the lecture, and many questions were answered by the teacher. Everyone agreed that it was a particularly meaningful event to be held at the time of the epidemic.
  • In order to enrich seniors’ daily life, the colorful culture association established "Colourful Senior Club." Courses are designed for the seniors who are over 65 years of age could participate in the activities of the club. Activity Form: ZOOM Teaching Activities: 1, fitness class. Simple flap exercises, designed for seniors, exercise all parts of body. Time: Tuesday afternoon 2: 00 - 3: 00 bi- weekly 2. Tai Chi Class. Well-known Taiji instructor who will teach Yang's Taiji. Tuesday afternoon 2: 00 - 3: 00 bi-weekly 3. Recitation class. Take you to learn ancient poetry and modern poetry. Understand the artistic conception of the poem, carry on the recitation study. Study Time: Wednesday afternoon 3: 00 - 4: 00, bi-weekly. Lead by experienced teachers. 4. Singing class. Teach one song at a time. Singing is also an exercise for the body's internal organs. Time: Friday afternoon 3: 00 - 4: 00, bi-weekly. 5. English class. Explain basic and practical English. Know the basic English words and expressions to make your daily life or travel easier and more convenient in Canada. And also explain some of Canada's humanities knowledge, you could learn more about Canadian history and culture. Time: Friday afternoon 3: 00 - 4: 00, bi-weekly by the senior teachers’ lecture. 6. Vital Health Dance. There is a certain amount of activities designed for the energetic seniors . Class time: Tuesday afternoon 3: 00 - 4: 00, once per week. Please note: your name, age. All courses are free of charge. Hopefully your friends or family members could help to install ZOOM software by a computer or IPAD. ZOOM ID:4168232003 No password. Simply enter, you could learn a lot. Last but not least, please write down the class you want to attend. Enjoy And Thanks.
  • We are going to have a grand gala at the Fairview Mall Library Theatre on June 29, 2019. The purpose of the party was firstly to celebrate Canada Day, secondly to enhance Canada's multi-cultural exchange, and thirdly to review the dance and singing lessons we learned last year. The program included singing, dancing, poetry recitation and martial arts. The layout and innovation of the party are refreshing. We sincerely hope that you will attend the party.